I started doing leather-crafts in 2005 when I was stationed in Taiwan. The artisan who formed me had 20 years of experience, and I am ever grateful for all that she taught me.

My first focus from the beginning was Bible covers. I thought it was a beautiful way to protect this sacred Book and to highlight its value in the eyes of those who read it. I then started making other book covers and also small items such as Rosary cases, key-chains and pencil cases.

As I traveled to serve the Lord in other countries, I brought along some of my tools and I formed other Sisters to do the same work. At the same time, I kept learning new things through experiencing with different kinds of leather and tools, machines and dyes... I profited very much from the experience of other craftsmen who would share with me their tips and their know-how.

In more recent years I learnt how to make sandals from a third-generation shoe-maker in my home country, Argentina.

I am very happy to share with you the fruit of my work and of this artistic research to make the beauty and glory of God shine through.

God bless you.


Sr Moira has been living consecrated life in the Catholic Church for 25 yrs, serving in Europe, Asia and America. Now in Argentina, she teaches leather crafts and sells her own hand-made items.

Your purchase supports her life of service and prayer.